Sunday, March 28, 2010

Criminally false assumption of man caused climate change should make pursuit of climate bills a crime as well

"US cap and trade is a glittering, trillion-dollar prize on which all the warmists' long-term plans rely. They are not going to give it up without a struggle." EUReferendum
"Although cap-and-trade has fallen dramatically in political favor in Washington as the U.S. answer to climate change, this approach to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is by no means “dead.”
  • Of course, due to the evolving political climate, the three Senators will
  • probably not call their system “cap-and-trade,” but will give it
  • some other creative label.

The competitor proposal from Senators Cantwell and Collinsthe CLEAR Act — has been labeled by those Senators as a “cap-and-dividend” approach, but it is nothing more nor less

and a particular use of revenues (75% directly rebated to households) — and, it should be mentioned, some

And we should not forget that cap-and-trade continues to emerge as the preferred policy instrument to address climate change emissions throughout the industrialized world — in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan (as I wrote about in a recent post)."...

The climate industry rests on the criminally false assumption that catastrophic man caused climate change (global warming) exists, and is largely caused by evil US citizens who therefore must pay billions in reparations.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Petition to suspend California global warming bill (that only enriched carbon traders)

"Official Petition to Suspend AB 32
Submitted to the California State Legislature
  • AB 32, the “Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006” must immediately be suspended because:
AB 32 will cost our state up to 1.1 million jobs, cost the average family
nearly $50,000 a year to the average small business’s costs and will result in a total loss of
output of $183 billion.

  • �� California’s unemployment rate has now reached 12.1%, one of the highest in the nation. With jobs leaving the state, AB 32 is yet another burdensome regulation that will cause morebusinesses to relocate.
�� Scientists agree that because California contributes less than 2% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, AB 32 will do NOTHING to stop global warming, even if it is caused by human
  • �� The loss of tax revenue that will result from AB 32 will devastate the budgets of California agencies including those responsible for providing health care to those in need and protecting the environment." ...


Monday, March 22, 2010

In the absence of Woodward & Bernstein: Trillions in CO2 trading, sympathy for brutal equatorial dictators, punishment of evil US middle class

"The inertia (expansion of 'climate' industry) developed over a decade of sympathetic coverage of the proponents' view of global warming insure
which will comfort them no end. It may even be more comfortable for skeptics--many of whom seem to relish the underdog, David vs. Goliath position.

They hold the data.

  • They commission the projects.
  • They publish the results.

It's a huge advantage."...


Thursday, March 18, 2010

HSBC Bank praised by Soros global warming pressure group

HSBC Bank was in at the beginning of the carbon trading calamity, as promoted on the Chicago Climate Exchange page noting its part in Trading Emissions, PLC.
  • Convicted stock swindler George Soros is an equity partner in litigious pressure group which will spend any amount of time and money to end brutal US productivity and borders. Other billionaires such as Maurice Strong have the same goal. Most US businesses don't realize the global warming industry is a criminal hoax,so turn their lives and efforts over to various Soros' groups.
"Using a 1- to 100-point scoring system, the two highest scoring banks were European-based HSBC Holdings and ABN AMRO with 70 points and 66 points, respectively. More than half of the 40 banks scored under 50 points, with a median score of 42 points.
  • "More banks realize that climate change is a big business issue, but their responses so far are the tip of the iceberg of what is needed to tackle this colossal global challenge," said Mindy S. Lubber, president of Ceres, which published the report, Corporate Governance and Climate Change: The Banking Sector. "As a key provider of capital and financing worldwide, banks must do more to move the economy away from fossil fuels and high-carbon investments that are exacerbating climate change."

The report employs a "Climate Change Governance Checklist" to evaluate how 16 U.S. and 24 non-U.S. banks are addressing climate change through board of director oversight, management performance, public disclosure, GHG emissions accounting and strategic planning. The report took six months to complete and uses data from securities filings, company reports, company websites, third-party questionnaires and direct company communications.

  • The report ranked 16 U.S., 15 European, five Asian, three Canadian and one Brazilian bank. The 40 companies include several different classes of financial services firms, including diversified banks, investment banks and asset managers. The final scores are
  • weighted to reflect the fact that some of the banks – specifically, asset mangers and investment banks –
  • are not engaged in the full spectrum of product and service offerings assessed by the Climate Change Governance Checklist. (Company scores, profiles and the summary report are available at

Among the key scores:

Bank Category Highest Scorers Lowest Scorers
Diversified Banks (20 Total)HSBC(70 points)Bank of Nova Scotia(26 points)

ABN AMRO(66)TD Bank Financial(25)

Barclays (61)Mizuho Financial (24)

HBOS (61)Banco Santander (22)

Deutsche (60)Banco do Brasil (14)

Citigroup (59)Industrial Bank of China (8)

Bank of America (56)Bank of China (4)
Investment Banks (5 Total)Goldman Sachs (53)Lehman Brothers (26)

Merrill Lynch (52)Bear Stearns (0)

Morgan Stanley (49)
Asset Managers (6 Total)State Street Corp (36)Franklin Resources (1)

Leading institutional investors requested the Ceres report, authored by RiskMetrics Group’s Climate Research Team,

  • to boost understanding and awareness

about the banking sector’s role and response to climate change. The investors are part of the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR), an alliance of U.S. institutional investors coordinated by Ceres that collectively manage more than $4 trillion in assets.

"Over the next 40 years, we're looking at the virtual de-carbonization of industrial economies

  • if the warnings of climate scientists are going to be heeded," said lead author Douglas Cogan, director of Climate Change Research at RiskMetrics Group.

"Banks need to start re-ordering their investment and lending priorities now, especially in the energy sector, to reflect

  • changing asset and credit valuations."...*****

  • Who says values have changed and why? Even an activist quoted in this article uses the word "if" regarding existence of catastrophic man made global warming. Why all this for something not proved?.......ed. ******
"So who will win in this battle to monetize
  • the carbon?
  • the UN with its desire for funding via international taxation vies
  • with exchange corporations who want a piece of the
"(See also:"

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

John Kerry and cockroaches seek trillions in a US 'carbon market'

I heard John Kerry say he just needs "a PRICE" on carbon, looking directly into a tv camera. I understand. He and his pals have built a carbon endangerment scam over many years. At the last minute people found out it's just a way to deliver our lives to a few cockroaches who honestly believe they are entitled to stop this entire country.
  • Desperate to deliver long planned subjugation of US citizens to a global organized crime syndicate (the UN) and a bunch of billionaire hedge funds, John Kerry actually thinks he can sell this enslavement to the American people as a wonderful gift.
"Sen. John F. Kerry, hoping to win over wavering senators, said he is pushing environmental reforms to create jobs and spark energy independence,
  • with climate benefits along “for the ride.”

Kerry, (D-Mass.), said legislation he’s crafting with Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) will differ from a House-passed bill that embraces a so-called “cap and trade” approach to reduce pollution that some scientists blame for global warming.

  • “It will be a very different mix of a bill from where we were at the end of the House effort,” Kerry said. “It will be simpler, and hopefully, capable of attracting support.
By pushing for alternative sources of energy such as wind, solar and nuclear power, the bill could create more than a million jobs while reducing pollution and cleaning up the air,
  • Kerry said."... ("Kerry said" so? Unfortunately, what he said is wrong and misleading. Paid political consultants have advised proponents that by scrapping use of the term 'cap and trade', just call it something else, and you can fool people into accepting it). ed.

AP, continuing, "“It’s primarily a jobs bill, and

  • an energy independence bill and a pollution reduction-health-clean air bill,” Kerry said.
  • “Climate sort of follows. It’s on for the ride.”

Kerry and other Senate sponsors have avoided the phrase “cap and trade” whenever possible.

  • But Kerry bristled at the notion that the new focus is an effort to rebrand an unpopular idea:
  • “This has nothing to do with branding. We are not trying to switch hit here. This is a different bill. It will have a different structure.”

Kerry declined to reveal details, but said the measure aims to cut emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollution-causing greenhouse gases by about 17 percent by 2020....

About half the nation’s electricity comes from coal."

  • This is just words, they want the money which is already embedding cap and trade deals on states and regions. ed.

"John Kerry touts jobs in climate bill," 3/13/10, AP, Boston Herald via Tom Nelson

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Why is UN Climate chief officially advising Deutsche Bank on investments whose success depends on UN disputed claims?

  • Lord Browne, Managing Director and Managing Partner (Europe), Riverstone Holdings LLC and former CEO of BP
  • John Coomber, Member of the Board of Directors, Swiss Re and Chairman, The Climate Group
  • Fabio Feldmann, CEO, Fabio Feldmann Consultores and former Executive Secretary, Brazilian Forum on Climate Change
  • Amory B. Lovins, Chairman and Chief Sientist, Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Lord Oxburgh, Member of the Advisory Board, Climate Change Capital and Former Chairman of Shell
  • Dr. R. K. Pachauri, Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, CBE, Founding Director of Potsdam Institut for Climate Impact Research
  • Professor Robert Socolow, Co-Director, The Carbon Mitigation Initiative and Professor, Princeton University
  • Professor Klaus Töpfer, Former Minister for Environment, Germany
  • Professor Hongren Zhang, Former President, International Union of Geological Science and former Vice Minister of Geology and Mineral Resources, China"
"Deutsche Bank Asset Management had about
  • $6 billion under management as of September 2009 in

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where have you gone, WOODWARD & BERNSTEIN? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you to save us from Global Warming crime

Update: Of course, now the UN Climate report 'review' isn't happening at all.
  • THEY USED TO SAY 'FOLLOW THE MONEY.' No more-not with Global Warming fraud. After 3 decades of meticulous planning, they don't want you to. Because it's the answer to the greatest crime against humanity in history.
The Nobel committee could not possibly have read the United Nations climate report now extensively documented to be a sloppy propaganda piece. Amid fanfare, it's said the disgraced 'report' will get a big deal review by independent 'experts.'
The Telegraph article prays to God you won't ask that question. The answer is,
The Telegraph does not mention this crucial fact until the very end of its long PR piece which whitewashes the whole thing anyway, just slipping in,
although it will be independent. A panel of experts has yet to be announced. The review should be finished by the end of August. " (end of Louise Gray puff piece)
  • I ask again, where have you gone Woodward and Bernstein?
via Tom Nelson


Monday, March 08, 2010

Beltway insiders and their media still count on massive organized crime of non-existent global warming-demand billions in US taxpayer reparations

Evil Americans must above all hand over their wages immediately. That is the point of this scam made up decades ago by sick billionaires who are proud of their efforts to this day: to stop America, to stop capitalism, and to enslave the middle class. When will the middle class begin to put these men on trial for a crime?
  • This article promotes disproven material that was never proved to begin with. So does the US president. The methods and scope of the man made global warming attack are organized crime by any definition with trillions at stake and billions already robbed. The AP is still passing this off as reparations owed from the "rich" US (the AP doesn't know the US is broke and on schedule to be even worse?) to the "poor" countries, which are brutal thug dictators. Answers for each of the points made in this article have been posted countless times on this blog and others over many hours and months. "Poor" countries have already been given a lot of money. The money has been stolen and/or misspent.
"The head of the International Monetary Fund on Monday proposed a plan for the world's governments
  • to pool together
  • to raise money needed to adapt
  • for an organization that normally does not develop environmental policies.

IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said the Fund is concerned about the

  • huge amount of funding needed and
  • the effect that will have on the global economy.
  • He added that the proposal may help efforts
  • to reach a binding agreement on climate change later this year.

Strauss-Kahn proposed that countries adopt a quota system similar to the one the Fund uses to raise its own money, which could bring in money faster than proposals to increase carbon taxes or other fundraising methods....

  • The IMF raises funds from its 185 members mainly through a quota system that is based broadly on each country's economic size.
  • The United States is currently the largest shareholder.

"We all know that (carbon taxes and other fundraising methods) will take time and we don't have this time. So we need something which looks like an interim solution, which will bridge the gap between now and the time when those carbon taxes will be big enough to solve the problem," Strauss-Kahn said. "And that is exactly what the IMF proposal is dealing with."

  • He said a climate change accord
  • reached last December
  • estimated $100 billion a year
  • will be needed

by 2020 to fund programs, including those to help poor nations

  • deal with droughts,
  • flooding and
  • food shortages
  • expected to be caused by climate change.

Nations failed to reach a binding deal in Copenhagen in December, but

  • agreed on a voluntary plan

to control greenhouse gas emissions which are blamed for the gradual heating of the Earth that scientists predict will worsen

  • weather-related disasters.

The accord, however, included collective commitments

  • by rich countries

to provide billions of dollars to help poor countries adapt to climate change,

  • a major demand the poor nations had made.

The more than 190 nations will reconvene in Cancun, Mexico, later this year for another attempt to reach a binding agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which sets emissions targets for industrial countries and expires in 2012."