Friday, April 30, 2010

Arizona police shot by illegal immigrant today with AK47, ambushed, don't tell MLB, AP and media partners

4/30, Casa Grande, Ariz. - "A Pinal County sheriff's deputy has been released from the hospital after he's shot in the abdomen by a group of suspected illegal immigrants and drug smugglers Friday during patrol south of Phoenix.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu says that Deputy Louie Puroll, 53, was essentially

It happened during routine patrol Friday afternoon in the desert near the I-8 west of Casa Grande, an area known as a drug smuggling corridor between Mexico and Phoenix. The deputy radioed in to report he was shot in the abdomen, the Pinal County Sheriff's Office says.

  • The deputy was tracking a group of five suspected illegal immigrants with several bales of marijuana when he was shot. Two of the five suspects were armed.

The deputy stayed on the line with authorities and used GPS on his phone to help guide them to his location.

  • A DPS Ranger helicopter with a paramedic landed and airlifted the deputy to a hospital. Deputy Puroll had a chunk of skin torn from just above his left kidney and is reportedly in good condition. Puroll was released from the Casa Grande Regional Medical Center after a few hours of treatment.

Meanwhile, the Pinal County Sheriff's Office tactical team is searching for three more suspects who fled. So far, two people have been caught.

  • Customs and Border Protection agents stationed in Tucson were also sent to help in the search, and are equipped with night-vision technology in case the manhunt extends into the morning. Sheriff Joe also dispatched some of his deputies, who were participating in a crime sweep in the valley.

Over 200 officers and deputies from various jurisdictions are patroling a 10 by 10 mile area, and six helicopters are flying overhead.

  • "Just to capture what is going on here, this is literally a trafficking corridor... not just for human smuggling but drug smuggling. And where are they going?
  • North to Maricopa County," says Sheriff Babeu.
The shooting comes on the heels of the passage of a controversial Arizona immigration enforcement law." via Gateway Pundit

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Wishful headline and issue framing by the usual suspect, the NY Times

UPDATE: Arizona police deputy shot by illegal aliens with AK 47 today, 4/30. Violent crime and death may be acceptable to many people. It is not fine in the United States from now on. MLB can close down its entire billion dollar operation in Arizona if it wishes to. Good bye.
  • Commenters:
"Phil and Shakira
Where is the outrage for this officer and all the officers killed or injured by illegal alien criminals. Where is the press conference for that? Enjoy your first class trip back to your hell hole country Shakira, you suck you stupid bleach bloned barbie doll singer who has no right even commenting on our situtation. Are you Shakira donating your untold wealth to help give the illegals all the health care you want them to get?????"

"Sad thing is,
Melissa S
With suspected illegal immigrants, officers and border patrol agents can't fire back when they are shot at. Anyone remember those sacrifical border patrol agents in Texas who went to jail when they shot a drug smuggler in the butt? Our deputies, border patrol agents even our ranchers are sitting ducks because
  • the drug smugglers not only have the guns, they have the public's sympathy. I pray for this deputy and all those who patrol the border." ****
Another misleading headline and story open from the NY Times. This is something one might expect from the National Enquirer. I check in tonight and see on their website the dramatic headline, "Ballplayers join protest of new law," by Michael S. Schmidt. They fooled me, as no ballplayers have done so per their article.
  • The Times frames the story in its opening sentences in which they reference (a few completely uninformed straggling-ed.) protesters outside Wrigley Field. So now I'm ready for the Times to add names of elite baseball players who've become picketers.
But no players joined in any protests anywhere, nor even made a statement, per the article. (An AP article later tonight quotes Ozzie Guillen and Cesar Izturis objecting to the Arizona law, which is fine. They can avoid Arizona and the entire United States if they choose not to appreciate the terrible problems being inflicted on its residents).The article just rehashed the Players Union statement. No protest, just a statement. The Times headline and story open created a space in readers' minds where a few straggling completely uninformed persons outside Wrigley behave in comparable fashion with elite MLB players, or even the MLBPA, but
  • the promise was never delivered, no evidence of ballplayers or even the union picketing anywhere. The National Enquirer makes a more honest living than the NY Times in my opinion. ed.


How did US Supreme Court decide CO2 was a danger to humanity? For one, Michael MacCracken. Disgraced UN fraudster is 'advisor' to his group.

Unbeknown to the evil US middle class, they've been working on the global warming scam for decades. Michael MacCracken is one of the guys who influenced a Supreme Court Justice to declare CO2 a danger to humanity in 2007. Listed as an 'advisor' to MacCracken's 'Climate Institute' is none other than disgraced UN climate Nobel laureate and business tycoon, RJ Pachauri (trained as a railway economist, not a climate scientist):

"Michael C. MacCracken

Chief Scientist for Climate Change Programs
Climate Institute

Justice Stevens favorably cited his affidavit relating global climate change to impacts on particular regions in his

April 2007 decision in Massachusetts et al. versus EPA.

Michael C. MacCracken is Chief Scientist for Climate Change Programs with the Climate Institute, which is a non-partisan, non-governmental organization established in 1986 to heighten national and international awareness of climate change and to identify practical ways for responding. Dr. MacCracken recently completed a four-year term as president of the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences, during which he served on the executive committees of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics and Scientific Committee for Oceanic Research. He was a lead author of Confronting Climate Change: Avoiding the Unmanageable and Managing the Unavoidable, which was prepared for the UN's Commission on Sustainable Development. Previously, Dr. MacCracken was the leader of climate change research at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (1968-93), and executive director of the Office of the U.S. Global Change Research Program (1993-97) and of its National Assessment Coordination Office (1997-2001).

Justice Stevens favorably cited his affidavit relating global climate change to impacts on particular regions in

his April 2007 decision in Massachusetts et al. versus EPA."


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Obama ignores bad news for Nobel winners Al Gore and UN Climate group-Bangladesh is not sinking. Shows it's not about 'science', just taking money.

UPDATE: OBAMA IGNORES 'SCIENCE' THAT SAYS BANGLADESH IS NOT SINKING, RIPS MILLIONS MORE FROM STRUGGLING AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS FAMILIES TO GIVE TO BANGLADESH thugs--even though global warming does not exist and Bengladesh is experiencing no repercussions that could be imagined from it. from The New Nation, "US to increase climate fund for Bangladesh," 4/29.
  • The NY Times, Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, et al. will not report this scandal.
4/27: "Now comes a study from the Dhaka-based Center for Environment and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS) that says the IPCC forgot to factor in the
After fraudulent claims about Himalayan glaciers, African crop harvests and Amazon rain forests, plus a 2007 assessment report based on anecdotal evidence, student term papers and nonpeer-reviewed magazine articles, the panel's doomsday forecast for Bangladesh has been exposed as its latest hoax.
According to the 2007 report, melting glaciers and polar ice would lead to rising sea levels and just a three-foot rise would flood 17% of the low-lying country of Bangladesh by 2050 and create 20 million refugees.
Now comes a study from the Dhaka-based Center for Environment and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS) that says the IPCC forgot to factor in the 1 billion tons of sediment carried by Himalayan rivers such as the Ganges and the Brahmaputra into Bangladesh every year.
CEGIS director Maminul Haque Sarker told AFP that "studies on the effects of climate change in Bangladesh, including those quoted by the IPCC, did not consider the role of sediment in the growth and adjustment process of the country's coast and rivers to the sea level rise." Even if sea levels rose according to IPCC predictions, Sarker says, natural sediment deposits would cancel the effect of any rise.
Apocalyptic changes forecast by climate change alarmists, according to Swedish geologist and physicist Nils-Axel Morner, former head of the International Commission on Sea Level Change, are not in the cards. Despite fluctuations down as well as up, "the sea is not rising," he says. "It hasn't risen in 50 years."
If there is any rise this century it will "not be more than 10 cm (four inches), with an uncertainty of plus or minus 10 cm."
  • Six times he and his expert team visited the Maldive Islands to confirm that the sea has not risen for half a century. Similarly in Tuvalu, where local leaders have been calling for the inhabitants to be evacuated for 20 years, the sea has, if anything, dropped in recent decades. Venice, Italy, has been sinking rather than the Adriatic rising, says Dr. Morner.
IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri defended his organization's predictions by warning that "on the basis of one study one cannot jump to conclusions."
and anecdotes from a magazine for mountain climbers. These claims have been withdrawn amid much laughter....
In February, it was reported that India was pulling out of the IPCC because it could no longer trust the U.N. body's data or conclusions. The day after India's announcement, the Netherlands asked the U.N. to explain why the IPCC had said in its 2007 report, which helped it win its share of a Nobel Prize shared with Al Gore, that 55% of the country was below sea level, a figure the Dutch say is closer to 26%.
There's been a sea change in the consideration of the bogus claims of the IPCC, Gore, Britain's CRU and other climate charlatans. No longer accepted on faith, they are being challenged and disproven by scientific fact.
Our sediments exactly." "IPCC's River of Lies" IBD. Top story via Tom Nelson.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Passive parents key to global warming scam as their children are easily brainwashed in school and via media

Disgraced UN Climate boss Pachauri allowed to freely mingle with and brainwash children: "On the 40th anniversary of International Earth Day — April 22 —
  • the emphasis is on children.
Over 150 city schools participated in the week-long series of activities — painting, debates, and dance competitions, among others — that were held as part of the Environment Education and Awareness program organized by (Pachauri's) NGO TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) in association with NDPL, Delhi Jal Board, Hewlett Packard, and National Science Centre. ...
  • TERI believes in catching the young minds
and orienting them towards environmental stewardship,’’ said Dr Pachauri,
  • director general, TERI. "...(Pachauri is of course also the disgraced UN Climate Report boss) ed. fromTimes of India, via Tom Nelson
Environmental stewardship is great, but is not the concern of global warming thugs.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Death of capitalism goal of global warming activists, Hollywood joins

"Bolivian President Evo Morales opened a "people's conference" on climate change on Tuesday with an attack on capitalism's debt to global warming...
  • Environmental activists, indigenous leaders and Hollywood celebrities were scheduled to take part in the three-day summit focusing on the world's poorest, which they say were largely ignored at official United Nations-sponsored climate talks in Copenhagen last December.
"Either capitalism dies, or it will be Mother Earth," leftist Morales said to a crowd of some 20,000 people....
  • "We're here because industrialized countries have not honored their promises."
The "People's World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth Rights" will draft new proposals for the next UN climate talks in Mexico at the end of the year."...from Jakarta Globe, via Tom Nelson
  • The US government--far from eschewing the above speaker and his followers, has agreed Americans must be punished and promises to take even more money away from them and give it to people like this for 'climate reparations.' How is this not a crime? ed.
George Soros is the convicted criminal leader of the global warming movement. Enabled by drooling adulation from the media.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Washington Post employee oblivious to real 'Soviet-style blackout'

Washington Post's media guy Howard Kurtz might want to consider an actual 'Soviet-style blackout' that has real human consequences: the Washington Post's refusal to report that global warming is a fraud. The Post front man is pained instead about publicity for its political Pulitzer Awards-judged by such head cases as NY Times Tom Friedman:
Item via


Sunday, April 11, 2010

After weeks of no proof of incendiary speech, the Washington Post cannot bear to give up the idea

Similar to not reporting the truth about global warming, the Washington Post chooses not to report that racist incidents did not take place, ie that there is not a shred of evidence for same after weeks of searching. They do this because no one in authority has the guts to stand up to them. Without manufacturing racism, how could the Washington Post stay in business?

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

All the President's Men Again, this time covering up the global warming scandal. In 2010, media silence is aided by corrupt politicians.

The mere fact that big news outlets chose to avoid the topic almost made the Washington Post drop the Watergate story.


Scott, Foreign Editor: It's a dangerous story for this paper.
Ben Bradlee
: How dangerous?
Scott, Foreign Editor
: Well, it's not that we're using nameless sources that bothers me. Or that everything we print, the White House denies. Or that
Howard Simons: What then?
When did the Washington Post suddenly get the monopoly on wisdom? Why would the republicans do it? McGovern's self-destructed just like Humphries, Muskie, the bunch of them. I don't believe this story. It doesn't make sense."
  • from The American Chef blog, 1/19/09, photo above from

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