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Arctic was ice free-Palm trees grew in Arctic, Reuters, Nature Geoscience

10/26/09, Reuters:
"Palms flourished in the Arctic during a brief sweltering period about 50 million years ago, according to a study that hints at
  • gaps in our understanding of modern climate change.

The Arctic "would have looked very similar to the vegetation we now see in Florida," says Dr Appy Sluijs of Utrecht University in the Netherlands who led the international study. Evidence of palms has never been found so far north before.

  • The scientists, sampling sediments on a ridge on the seabed about 500 kilometres from the North Pole and up to 53.5 million years old,
  • found pollen from ancient palms as well as of conifers, oaks, pecans and other trees."...

The findings were published "in the journal Nature Geoscience.

that suggest winter temperatures were below freezing even in the unexplained hothouse period that lasted between 50,000 and 200,000 years ago during the Eocene epoch....

  • The scientists say the presence of palms... hinted that the
  • modern climate system could yield big surprises....
  • That might have been caused by volcanic eruptions, or a melt of frozen methane trapped in the seabed.

"We cannot explain this with the current knowledge of the climate system," says Sluijs. One possibility was that new types of clouds formed in the Arctic as it warmed, acting as a blanket that trapped ever more heat and accelerated warming....

  • Such effects caused by new cloud formation could be an unexpected tripwire in accelerating modern climate change."

"Palms once grew in ice-free arctic," Reuters by Alister Doyle published in Australian Broadcasting Corporation News in Science, 10/26/09. photo from ABC.Au Science website, stock.xchange

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lehman Brothers 'HOCKEY STICK' pitch led to decline--shareholder suit

Above now infamous Hockey Stick graph popularized by the Climategate unit. Mr. McIntyre's corrected data is the green overlay. graph via Volokh
just as Wall Street investment bank Lehman Brothers went bust in September 2008."...
  • Therefore, if it's OK with you people rattling around in the UK and in a magazine headquartered there available for a fee, we're putting a stop to this as regards the United States. It's been easy for you so far, as we've had no leadership here for 20 years.
  • Lehman Brothers used the hockey stick as its top sales pitch, page 6 in its 2007 report, The Business of Climate Change.

2/6/08, Shareholders charged Lehman Bros. use of 'hockey stick' graph and other erroneous information on global warming harmed investors. Lehman itself produced a document in 2007 making certain conclusions about global warming that were relied on as fact by others.

When a $34 billion company is touting misinformation as a basis for its
actions, it makes you wonder about the soundness of its business plan,” Milloy

But the hockey stick graph was scientifically discredited long before Lehman
issued its February 2007

“As shareholders, we expect that management will undertake reasonable due
diligence before undertaking action with corporate assets,” said AFM’s Tom
Borelli. “Corporate action and statements based on erroneous information may
not be ’sustainable’ for shareholders or the environment,” Borelli added.

  • “Lehman Brothers should also be concerned about potential legal liability for false and misleading statements,” said Milloy.

Based on the 2003 California case of Nike v. Kasky, citizens may sue
businesses over false or misleading statements.(3) The California Supreme
Court ruled that statements made on company websites are considered commercial
speech and therefore subjected to legal challenge.

  • We think that Lehman is in way over its head when it comes to global warming and that management is recklessly risking shareholder value,” said Milloy.
  • “Shareholders will be looking for an explanation from CEO Richard Fuld”….
1. See Lehman's "The Business of Climate Change: Challenges and
Opportunities," p.6 (February 2007).

2. See e.g., U.S. Senate Committee on Environment
and Public Works,
"Inhofe Says NAS Report Reaffirms
'Hockey Stick' Is Broken" (June 22, 2006),

3. Kasky v. Nike, Inc., 27 Cal.4th 939, 947, 45 P.3d 243, 248, 119 Cal.Rptr.2d
296, 302 (Cal. 2002)
Reference, 2/17/08: "A year ago they couldn’t predict their bankruptcy but were predicting the climate 100 years ahead. Thousands...have been using the Lehman report as a proof of global warming and impending chaos.
The report is the basis for policies on climate change in Spain, Argentina and several other countries playing the progress game; it is used by
  • economy professors playing the climatologists;
by newspapers editorials, and even by a State Secretary: Lehman Bros, said it!...
  • Al Gore’s carbon trading business GIM was banked with Lehman Bros."...
from Icecap, 9/17/08, "Lehman Brothers Close Ties to Gore, Hansen, and Carbon Trading," via Tom Nelson


ClimateGate-East Anglia openly admits permanently missing data. Criminal silence from 'watchdog' media

Snow in UK, 12/25/09
"According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,

Independent, March 20, 2000. via Tom Nelson, via EU Referendum.

Snowfall in UK Christmas Day, 2009, photo from UK Telegraph

Third from left is William Connolly, UK Green Party member and guardian of the hockey stick graph, the advertising logo of the greatest deception in our time. photo above via Canada Free press. (Sorry, I don't take it lightly when our entire population is assaulted).
  • The so-called hockey stick graph has long ago been disproved but remains--thanks to 99% control of mass information outlets--as proof of man made global warming. It can be viewed on the Medieval Warming Period page of Wikipedia. I wonder why Wikipedia won't allow the view that the graph's data cannot be replicated due to original research having been permanently misplaced or lost?
  • Following entry notes original data has been replaced 'and is no longer available', Item 3:
Information added to Mann's correction (content available for a fee), July 2004, Nature Magazine, "Guide to Supplementary Information Files, Instrumental directory. This directory contains:" (Items 1 and 2; Item 3 has most important information in parentheses)...
  • used by MBH98

  • (this version of the dataset has been replaced by a different surface temperature dataset at CRU
  • and is no longer available).
A simple fortran program that reads in the data is provided."...
  • Everyone agrees-original data is permanently missing.Therefore the hockey stick conclusion cannot possibly be verified.
They just refuse to talk about it. You can use various computer programs of course but it all assumes data that is permanently unverifiable. I understand the media want to believe it anyway, and billions are invested in a certain outcome. It's a mistake that can no longer be used to assault overworked United States citizens.
  • Climate change is a global profit center built on nothing. A lack of US leadership over the past 20 years allowed it to grow.
I have read some of Connolly's comments. For someone who claims to care about the planet, he covers it with much bile and viciousness. What exactly has the world done to him and his climate pals to merit this level of hatred?
  • Michael E. Mann, Raymond S. Bradley & Malcolm K. Hughes
  • Nature 430, 105(1 July 2004)
  • doi:10.1038/nature02478"


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ClimateGate 30 years in the making

via Watts Up with That


Friday, December 18, 2009

Soros, Strong, media, take powders in ice and snow of cold Copenhagen

UK Telegraph, 12/18: "When your attempt at recreating the Congress of Vienna with a third-rate cast of extras turns into a shambles,
  • when the blatant greed and self-interest of the participants has become obvious to all beholders,
  • when those pesky polar bears just keep increasing and multiplying – what do you do?

No contest: stop issuing three rainforests of press releases every day, change the heading to James Bond-style “Do not distribute” and “leak” a single copy, in the knowledge that human nature is programmed to interest itself in anything it imagines it is not supposed to see, whereas it would bin the same document unread if it were distributed openly.

After that, get some unbiased, neutral observer, such as the executive director of Greenpeace, to say: “This is the single most important piece of paper in the world today.”

  • and the climate alarmists are no longer in a position to pick and choose their tactics.

But boy! Was this crass, or what? The apocalyptic document revealing that even if the Western leaders hand over all the climate Danegeld demanded of them, appropriately at the venue of Copenhagen, the earth will still fry on a 3C temperature rise is the latest transparent scare tactic to extort more cash from taxpayers. The danger of this ploy, of course, is that people might say “If we are going to be chargrilled anyway, what is the point of handing over billions

  • better to get some serious conspicuous consumption in before the ski slopes turn into saunas.”

This “single most important piece of paper in the world” comes, presumably, from an authoritative and totally neutral source? Yes, of course. It’s from the – er – UN Framework Committee on Climate Change that is – er – running the Danegeld Summit. Some people might be small-minded enough to suggest this paper has as much authority as a “leaked” document from Number 10 revealing that life would be hell under the Tories.

This week has been truly historic.

  • It has marked the beginning of the landslide that is collapsing the whole AGW imposture.

The pseudo-science of global warming is a global laughing stock and Copenhagen is a farce. In the warmist camp

  • the Main Man is a railway engineer with huge investments in the carbon industry.

That says it all. The world’s boiler being heroically damped down by the Fat Controller. Al Gore, occupant of the only private house that can be seen from space, so huge is its energy consumption, wanted to charge punters

If there were not $45trillion of Western citizens’ money at stake, this would be the funniest moment in world history.

  • What a bunch of buffoons. Not since Neville Chamberlain tugged a Claridge’s luncheon bill from his pocket and flourished it on the steps of the aircraft that brought him back from Munich has a worthless scrap of paper been so audaciously hyped. There was one good moment at Copenhagen, though: some seriously professional truncheon work by Danish Plod on the smellies. Otherwise, this event is strictly for Hans Christian Andersen."

from UK Telegraph, 12/18/09, by Gerald Warner, "Copenhagen Climate Summit: 'most important paper in the world' is a glorified UN press release" via Michael, photo from


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'Climategate' still unknown to many--US media chose to keep silent, and it worked

12/15/09: "Why is there nobody in the major media who hasn't made Climategate his or her signature issue? Why did a weblog called EU Referendum have to be the one to Why has no-one 'followed the money' regarding global warming, showing how
12/3/09: "Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Americans say it’s at least somewhat likely that some scientists have falsified research data to support their own theories and beliefs about global warming. Thirty-five percent (35%) say it’s Very Likely. Just 26% say it’s not very or not at all likely that some scientists falsified data.
  • This skepticism does not appear to be the result of the recent disclosure of e-mails confirming such data falsification as part of the so-called “Climategate” scandal.
  • Just 20% of Americans say they’ve followed news reports about those e-mails Very Closely, while another 29% have followed them Somewhat Closely."...
12/3/09, "Americans Skeptical of Science Behind Global Warming," Rasmussen Reports


Very few Americans knew about Climategate
  • because almost no US news media covered it.

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

AP's Seth Borenstein in ClimateGate emails, July 23, 2009

Al Gore wrong again, said most recent ClimateGate email was '10 years ago.' The latest was actually Nov. 2009, but here's one from July 23, 2009 with allegedly objective
"On Jul 23, 2009, at 11:54 AM, Borenstein, Seth wrote:

"Kevin, Gavin, Mike,
  • Attached is a paper in JGR today that Marc Morano is hyping wildly.
  • It's in a legit journal.
  • Seth
Seth Borenstein Associated Press Science Writer

The Associated Press, 1100 13th St. NW, Suite 700,
Washington, DC
  • Marc Morano has a website aggregating news stories on the climate realism side, Climate Depot. AP's Science writer was asking the East Anglia CRU guys to help him out. Material surfaced in a legitimate journal refuting their version of things and Borenstein in an apparent sweat wanted to know how to handle it. This email is in the public domain.
via Rush


Sunday, December 06, 2009

'Biblical intensity' in search for sign of man-made global warming-and getting money to prove it--ClimateGate email

From East Anglia emails: "For climatologists, the search for an irrefutable "sign" of anthropogenic warming has assumed an almost Biblical intensity.
  • The leading figures of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), claim that, in all probability, they have seen it. Last summer [ed: 1996], the IPCC's scientific working group, chaired by former UK Meteorological Office boss Sir John Houghton, concluded that "the balance of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on global climate". But it is like the "balance of evidence" suggesting BSE causes CJD. The judgment is far from "beyond reasonable doubt".
  • The case remains "not proven"." 1996, from Fred Pearce email
From: Fred Pearce <>
To: keith briffa
Subject: new sciwentist feature
Date: 13 Oct 96 10:32:49 EDT (regarding email above re: search of 'Biblical intensity'
  • *********************************
  • From Free Republic: Money moved around so as to avoid banking regulations:

7 Mar 96 Shiyatov tells Briffa "Also, it is important for us if you can transfer the ADVANCE money on the personal accounts which we gave you earlier and the sum for one occasion transfer (for example, during one day) will not be more than 10,000 USD.

Please, inform us what kind of documents and financial reports we must represent you and your administration for these money."

  • Mon, 17 Jun 96 Stepan Shiyatov said to Briffa "We hoped to use some money of the ADVANCE project. But we have not received this money until now and the program of collecting during this summer will be reduced. Some days ago I received an information that the INTAS-RFBR project was rejected. The competition was very high."
  • 17 Sep 1996 Keith Briffa to Mike Salmon "Dear Stepan I have received the receipts. Thankyou.


5 May 97 Stepan Shiyatov says "After our long silence we would like inform you about our sucesses, problems and plans." and says "That is why we and E.Vaganov ask you to transfer each of us 7-8.000 USD until the end of June from the ADVANCE project, if it is possible. Last summer, when I was in England, you promised to help us with money to organise field works this year."

  • 5 June, 1997 Stepan Shiyatov says
  • "anderstanding your difficulties with transfering money and I think the best way for us if you will bring money to Krasnoyarsk and I give you a receipt."

17 Jun 97 Stepan Shiyatov repeats 5 June, 1997 email

9 Sep 1998 "Stepan G. Shiyatov" says to Briffa "Rashit could not be able to go to the Yamal Peninsula for collecting subfossil wood this summer as a result of deficiency of money. I am glad that we have been successful in INTAS proposal.

Yesterday I have sent by post the signed form (official power of attorney). If you have any additional information concerning this grant, please give me know."

  • Oct 2 1998 Keith Briffa sends email to stepan and evag "I have received the real signed Power Of Attorney form from Stepan , but not from Eugene. It seems I must have both . I am a bit reluctant to forge Eugene's signature! We will need to think about how the money should be handled" and goes on to say "I have looked at the remaining money and I think I can give you each a final payment of between 4000 and 4500 US dollars.

And more......

Oct 6 2000 Briffa tells Stepan and Eugene "I have asked INTAS for an extension on the report period. Stepan some problem has now arisen regarding your final payment . I have asked Janet to sort this out and contact you directly."

  • 31 May 2001 Stepan Shiyatov tells Briffa "I have sent you the necessary form to transfer the money for my name, but the Ekaterinburg Branch of Bank for Foreing Trade did not receive the money until now. Do you know the reason?"
  • Jun 8 2001 Briffa appologizes to Stepan Shiyatov "I still expect we will get the money outstanding - just late . Sorry.""...
Above excerpts via*********

August 1996: ""Attachment 4 shows the original Sydney data overlaid against the 11-year
  • It would appear that the solar cycle does indeed affect temperature.
(I tried the same run on the CRU global temperature set. Even though CRU
must be highly smoothed by the time all the averages are worked out, the
11-year pulse is still there, albeit about half the size of Sydneys).

Stay cool.

John Daly

Attachment Converted: c:eudoraattachSydney.gif"*******


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Lord Monckton's summary of ClimateGate

Including that the Whistleblower failed in his first attempt to make the emails public. He made the mistake of sending them to a major media outlet, the BBC. The information never saw the light of day from the BBC who've long supported the shake-down scam of man made global warming.
  • The Whistleblower finally found an obscure message board and left the damning information for just a short while. (Lord Monckton doesn't mention the BBC by name but that's been published elsewhere). via WattsUpWithThat
P.S. If the Whistleblower needs to hire counsel, can we donate to help cover expenses? (framus)