Thursday, December 24, 2009

ClimateGate-East Anglia openly admits permanently missing data. Criminal silence from 'watchdog' media

Snow in UK, 12/25/09
"According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,

Independent, March 20, 2000. via Tom Nelson, via EU Referendum.

Snowfall in UK Christmas Day, 2009, photo from UK Telegraph

Third from left is William Connolly, UK Green Party member and guardian of the hockey stick graph, the advertising logo of the greatest deception in our time. photo above via Canada Free press. (Sorry, I don't take it lightly when our entire population is assaulted).
  • The so-called hockey stick graph has long ago been disproved but remains--thanks to 99% control of mass information outlets--as proof of man made global warming. It can be viewed on the Medieval Warming Period page of Wikipedia. I wonder why Wikipedia won't allow the view that the graph's data cannot be replicated due to original research having been permanently misplaced or lost?
  • Following entry notes original data has been replaced 'and is no longer available', Item 3:
Information added to Mann's correction (content available for a fee), July 2004, Nature Magazine, "Guide to Supplementary Information Files, Instrumental directory. This directory contains:" (Items 1 and 2; Item 3 has most important information in parentheses)...
  • used by MBH98

  • (this version of the dataset has been replaced by a different surface temperature dataset at CRU
  • and is no longer available).
A simple fortran program that reads in the data is provided."...
  • Everyone agrees-original data is permanently missing.Therefore the hockey stick conclusion cannot possibly be verified.
They just refuse to talk about it. You can use various computer programs of course but it all assumes data that is permanently unverifiable. I understand the media want to believe it anyway, and billions are invested in a certain outcome. It's a mistake that can no longer be used to assault overworked United States citizens.
  • Climate change is a global profit center built on nothing. A lack of US leadership over the past 20 years allowed it to grow.
I have read some of Connolly's comments. For someone who claims to care about the planet, he covers it with much bile and viciousness. What exactly has the world done to him and his climate pals to merit this level of hatred?
  • Michael E. Mann, Raymond S. Bradley & Malcolm K. Hughes
  • Nature 430, 105(1 July 2004)
  • doi:10.1038/nature02478"



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