Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Joy of Sox Remembers, 11/13/05

  • Remember Scott Miller using "clutch performances" and team "psyche" to decide MVP:
Scott Miller (Sportsline):
"Ortiz, by the way, did everything in his power this weekend to wrap up what should be his rightful AL most valuable player trophy. No disrespect intended to the masterful season constructed by Alex Rodriguez, but given Ortiz's stunning array of
  • clutch hits
and his
  • invaluable role to the psyche of this team,

  • this is one of those very, very rare instances in which a designated hitter should win the award."
From Joy of Sox Blog, 11/13/05, includes other MVP discussions. The next time the same BBWAA voter says you shouldn't use such criteria in awards voting, you can chuckle. (sm)