Tuesday, October 13, 2009

US taxpayers to pay $140 billion to global profiteers for global warming scams

Global warming is promoted by Major League Baseball along with some of its many alleged remedies. (Global warming does not exist but it has been built into a trillion dollar scam). Both political parties are involved.
It includes this gem from leading Kyoto free-rider (in perpetuity), major greenhouse gas emitter India:

India’s government says that the West owes billions of dollars to developing nations to compensate for climate change.

In its submission to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Indian government argued that

this funding should be a legal obligation that ‘cannot be subject to decisions of developed country governments or legislatures."...

Post by Christopher C. Horner at Bretibart.BigGovernment.com, "Kyoto II: Whose power to tax?" 10/12/09

I don't understand why everyone in congress who has advocated global warming or cap and trade isn't impeached. It should be obvious. ed.


Saturday, October 03, 2009

Obama excessive media coverage turned off the IOC: Denmark press

In their hubris here and abroad, the media caused Obama's loss. It was not lost on the IOC that Danish TV showed Obama all day reducing them to spectators (from the article):
The media have been hoisted on their own petard. Obama is entirely their creation. From Berlingske, google translation:
  • "Disrespect

The explanations are many. The former Danish IOC member Kai Holm says to Berlingske that he believes that it is due to disrespect. Professor of sport history at the University of Copenhagen Hans Bonde suggests presidential

- At Chicago kicked out so early shows to me that Barack Obama does not understand the psychology of the IOC, said Hans Bonde."...


The fact that Barack Obama came, could not do it. I think (we) lacked emotion, it seemed too empty and business-like. So

  • when Tony Blair promoted London he was around three days to lobby and talk to people. You can not just come with the train one day and try to affect everything,

says Kai Holm and continues: -People have felt that it was a lack of respect for the Olympics

  • and sport in general.

I think people felt it was too business-like to get into the way we have now seen it many times, and you would have feelings back.

from article in Danish press, Berlingske, 10/2/09, "Kai Holm: Chicago Showed Disrespect," by
By Aleksandar Josevski - Søren Romme and Anders Damgaard


IOC members did not feel important, and they were indeed

So if he had come, he would have had time for a personal lubricant, believes Hans Bonde."

(from Berlingske): Most read

The above links go to google translations. Some quotes are linked within the main article. There are a total of 3 articles in the Danish media Berlingske qccessible from the first article. Links within the main article go eventually to the other 2.