Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The same people who bring us the postal service tell us man made global warming exists even if data can't be checked, keep quiet and pay

Claims that 'science says' 'it's the hottest ever,' and the like come from the same people who run the post office, ie the federal government. These data, especially the "land surface temperatures" are used to make 'global warming' policy, requiring billions in reparations be paid by Americans ASAP and continuing on a fixed date annually, not subject to negotiation.
Mr. Peilke notes all kinds of people are starting to ask questions about land surface temperature data, up to the
  • 'highest level of government.'
He writes that climate scientists at a recent Exeter, UK meeting note open admissions of lack of confidence in what have been put forth as land surface temperatures. Untested data should not be used for anything, especially not to demonize, rob and enslave Americans and others. Mr. Pielke deals only with the scientific process:
  • 9/20, from Roger Pielke, Sr.
"There are very important admissions in these presentations.
  • First, outside of the USA, there is inadequate (or no) publicly available information on station histories,
yet these data are still used to create a “homogenized” global average surface temperature trend
  • which reaches up
to the “highest level of government”. Even in the USA,

While the organizers of the Exeter meeting are seeking to retain its leadership role in national and international assessments of the

  • observed magnitude of global warming,

it is clear that serious problems exist in using this data for this purpose. We will post information on several new papers when ready to introduce readers of this weblog to quantification of additional systematic biases in the use of this data for long-term surface land temperature trend assessments.

  • There is a need, however, to accept that the primary metric for assessing global warming and cooling should be upper ocean heat content, since from 2004 onward the spatial coverage is clearly adequate for this purpose (e.g. see).

While there, of course, is a need for regional land surface temperature measurements including anomalies and long-term trends, for obtaining a global average climate system heat content change the oceans are clearly the more appropriate source of this information."...

  • (Noted at Exeter meeting that "'highest levels of government' "are now becoming engaged in the "'nature of surface temperature data'").
  • Continuing from Roger Pielke, Sr. report on Exeter meeting:

"Automation is the only realistic approach to deal with large datasets”

  • “More work is required to assess and quantify uncertainties in bias adjustments”

Critiques of surface temperature data and processing methods are increasingly coming from non traditional scientific sources (non peer reviewed) and the issue raised may be too numerous and too frequent for a small group of traditional scientists to address”

  • There is a growing interest in the nature of surface temperature data (reaching up to the highest levels of government)"
from "Candid Admissions on Shortcomings in the Land Surface Temperature data, [GHCN] and [USHCN] at the September Exeter (UK) Meeting" by Roger Pielke, Sr. , 9/20/10

  • via Climate Depot
P.S. By the 'highest level of government' I trust we all know that means Soros. ed.



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