Thursday, July 29, 2010

The climate mob is cornered now. Bullies aren't used to being cornered.

7/27, "Western Cimate Initiative offers cap and trade," AP, Barnard
  • A desperate move to create a 'pretend' market to fleece the middle class under the guise of 'helping the environment.'
  • The people are getting too wise for this but beware. The climate mob is in a corner now.
  • From the Western Climate Initiative's greatest hits:
8/23/07, "All (Climate) Pact and Ready to go," Grist : "The Western Climate Initiative aims to
partner with other trading systems like the European Union's and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in the U.S. Northeast. "...
  • Even in 2007, being uninformed about the so-called "European Union" or imagining doing business with them shows a disconnect with reality. Corrupt from top to bottom, it exists just to leach money out of the pitiful middle class and into the pockets of global thugs. Greenies are finding out the environment is the last thing on these guys' minds.



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