Thursday, June 10, 2010

National cap and trade actually passed today via EPA empowerment. Who will call for the 2007 Supreme Court 5-4 decision to be overturned?

Most people do not have time or inclination to research what's going on in the Washington, DC cesspool. For instance, that cap and trade (which is moving forward under different names) actually passed today 57-43. Obama doesn't need cap and trade legislation because he can simply say the EPA is in charge of everything as part of the executive branch. This is what Soros wants, so not to worry.
  • Today's vote anticipates that move and was to try and prevent that kind of power being handed to non-elected bureaucrats at the EPA. It failed as expected:
The bottom line of Thursday's Senate vote on Murkowski's bill according to one pundit:
  • "“I don’t want to hear a liberal bemoan executive supremacy ever again.
This is Congress abdicating its own authority because the Democrats
  • know they can’t get the
Hot Air via Tom Nelson
  • P.S. The left considers the courts to be their private domain. The Supreme Court's 2007 5-4 ruling that CO2 was a pollutant should of course be overturned and would be if it were brought. The correct information could not possibly have reached the judges at the time of this decision as it was
  • purposely kept out of scientific publications. NOT THAT THIS ISSUE HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH SCIENCE, CO2 OR EVEN OIL. This has been documented numerous times. ed.



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