Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yearning for global warming legislation even after knowing global warming does not exist, leaves only 1 conclusion

NY Times is concerned people knowing catastrophic man-made global warming does not exist will make crippling legislation tougher to pass. Not worried that for decades--with major help from the Times--thugs have
5/29/10, Sheppard, American Thinker: "Of course, the (NY) Times abhor the new public awareness as it
  • “will make it harder to pass legislation like a fuel tax increase and to persuade people to make sacrifices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”
But shouldn’t facts drive policy?
  • Not according to Greenpeace spokesman Ben Stewart, quoted by the Times complaining that “[l]egitimacy has shifted to the side of the climate skeptics, and that is
  • a big, big problem.”"
"Are climate alarmists losing the mainstream media?"
  • Pollution and sinking islands due to CO2 endangerment are two different things. ed.



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