Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Passive parents key to global warming scam as their children are easily brainwashed in school and via media

Disgraced UN Climate boss Pachauri allowed to freely mingle with and brainwash children: "On the 40th anniversary of International Earth Day — April 22 —
  • the emphasis is on children.
Over 150 city schools participated in the week-long series of activities — painting, debates, and dance competitions, among others — that were held as part of the Environment Education and Awareness program organized by (Pachauri's) NGO TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) in association with NDPL, Delhi Jal Board, Hewlett Packard, and National Science Centre. ...
  • TERI believes in catching the young minds
and orienting them towards environmental stewardship,’’ said Dr Pachauri,
  • director general, TERI. "...(Pachauri is of course also the disgraced UN Climate Report boss) ed. fromTimes of India, via Tom Nelson
Environmental stewardship is great, but is not the concern of global warming thugs.



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