Sunday, March 28, 2010

Criminally false assumption of man caused climate change should make pursuit of climate bills a crime as well

"US cap and trade is a glittering, trillion-dollar prize on which all the warmists' long-term plans rely. They are not going to give it up without a struggle." EUReferendum
"Although cap-and-trade has fallen dramatically in political favor in Washington as the U.S. answer to climate change, this approach to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is by no means “dead.”
  • Of course, due to the evolving political climate, the three Senators will
  • probably not call their system “cap-and-trade,” but will give it
  • some other creative label.

The competitor proposal from Senators Cantwell and Collinsthe CLEAR Act — has been labeled by those Senators as a “cap-and-dividend” approach, but it is nothing more nor less

and a particular use of revenues (75% directly rebated to households) — and, it should be mentioned, some

And we should not forget that cap-and-trade continues to emerge as the preferred policy instrument to address climate change emissions throughout the industrialized world — in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan (as I wrote about in a recent post)."...

The climate industry rests on the criminally false assumption that catastrophic man caused climate change (global warming) exists, and is largely caused by evil US citizens who therefore must pay billions in reparations.



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