Sunday, March 14, 2010

John Kerry and cockroaches seek trillions in a US 'carbon market'

I heard John Kerry say he just needs "a PRICE" on carbon, looking directly into a tv camera. I understand. He and his pals have built a carbon endangerment scam over many years. At the last minute people found out it's just a way to deliver our lives to a few cockroaches who honestly believe they are entitled to stop this entire country.
  • Desperate to deliver long planned subjugation of US citizens to a global organized crime syndicate (the UN) and a bunch of billionaire hedge funds, John Kerry actually thinks he can sell this enslavement to the American people as a wonderful gift.
"Sen. John F. Kerry, hoping to win over wavering senators, said he is pushing environmental reforms to create jobs and spark energy independence,
  • with climate benefits along “for the ride.”

Kerry, (D-Mass.), said legislation he’s crafting with Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) will differ from a House-passed bill that embraces a so-called “cap and trade” approach to reduce pollution that some scientists blame for global warming.

  • “It will be a very different mix of a bill from where we were at the end of the House effort,” Kerry said. “It will be simpler, and hopefully, capable of attracting support.
By pushing for alternative sources of energy such as wind, solar and nuclear power, the bill could create more than a million jobs while reducing pollution and cleaning up the air,
  • Kerry said."... ("Kerry said" so? Unfortunately, what he said is wrong and misleading. Paid political consultants have advised proponents that by scrapping use of the term 'cap and trade', just call it something else, and you can fool people into accepting it). ed.

AP, continuing, "“It’s primarily a jobs bill, and

  • an energy independence bill and a pollution reduction-health-clean air bill,” Kerry said.
  • “Climate sort of follows. It’s on for the ride.”

Kerry and other Senate sponsors have avoided the phrase “cap and trade” whenever possible.

  • But Kerry bristled at the notion that the new focus is an effort to rebrand an unpopular idea:
  • “This has nothing to do with branding. We are not trying to switch hit here. This is a different bill. It will have a different structure.”

Kerry declined to reveal details, but said the measure aims to cut emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollution-causing greenhouse gases by about 17 percent by 2020....

About half the nation’s electricity comes from coal."

  • This is just words, they want the money which is already embedding cap and trade deals on states and regions. ed.

"John Kerry touts jobs in climate bill," 3/13/10, AP, Boston Herald via Tom Nelson

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