Friday, January 29, 2010

States already enforcing Cap and Trade scams--while Americans weren't looking!

"Despite the fact that the carbon trading market, along with “smart meter” programs, have been exposed as slush fund scams owned by the very globalists fearmongering about man-made climate change namely Al Gore and Maurice Strong –
  • designed to line the pockets of habitual con men who have been caught over and over again lying about the evidence behind global warming,
  • unsuspecting public

  • who still think that cap and trade hasn’t been implemented.

In reality, as Bloomberg News reports, “State government actions are likely to dominate the emerging U.S. carbon market in 2010,” with programs set to expand.

  • A group of Northeastern states already has a carbon market and two more regional programs in the Midwest and West plan to follow suit,” states the article."...
Reference: "Cap and Trade Scam to be Enforced at State Level," 1/29/10,
  • In checking this out, I found many of "the usual suspects," NRDC shake down artists and the like. The northeast was put together a few years ago, it's a done deal, a huge scam over something that does not exist. Working Americans tricked and enslaved and have no idea it's going on. Media now pushing a new angle, ie., it doesn't matter about the details of global warming, it's a good idea to have clean energy anyway, right?
  • What idiot wants dirty air, that's anything but the point. The point is the environment has been perverted by criminals into billionaire cap and trade scams-already documented to be
  • infested by organized crime. Did you know carbon trading is the leading profit center at Europe's investment banks? I've linked to this many times already.
  • Thanks again to a complicit and vain media. ed.



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This spoof of climate science may be of interest:


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