Monday, January 25, 2010

GOP hurries to squandor Scott Brown victory. Predictably. See Frank Luntz, global warming shill.

Tells Environmental Defense Fund, republicans don't want to argue whether global warming exists or whether cap and trade will fix it.
The entrenched side of the GOP spent years losing our country- in between jaunts in front of TV cameras. They're not quite finished. Now, at the height of reports documenting fraud of global warming and cap and trade schemes,
He has sold his services to the Environmental Defense Fund to counsel them how to persuade republicans that global warming and cap and trade are great. (McCain and others already are on board of course).
  • Luntz claims many republicans already think both are great and want the programs! Even if global warming doesn't technically exist, acting as if it does is a good idea! Just tell the sodbusters the trillion dollar carbon trading scam largely infiltrated by organized crime- is all for national security and they're so stupid they'll buy it!
And Luntz will show them exactly what words to use that will fool stupid republicans into falling for the greatest scam in history.
  • I'm grateful Scott Brown is an Independent. The entrenched GOP do not care and never will. They prove day after day they have an almost criminal lack of interest in this country, and are holding on only for money and limelight.
"GOP pollster Frank Luntz used to be famous for advising Bush in 2002 to focus on the “lack of scientific certainty” in the debate about global warming. Fast forward eight years and now he’s jumped the fence, well, sort of. He’s teaming up with Fred Krupp of all people, president of the Environmental Defense Fund, to help the group figure out how to talk to the American people about global warming in a way that makes them care about it.
  • The EDF wants Congress to pass a bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and believes Americans really do want to see one pass. Two new polls prove it, one by the Benenson Strategy Group, which shows that 58 percent of Americans favor a cap on emissions.

The other is by Luntz, and also shows Americans support climate regulation, but only when it’s

reporters for the American Public Media show Marketplace told us on Friday....

Turns out Americans want action on climate change but not for the reasons they have heard over the years—that it’s important because pollutants in the air are bad for us,

  • because a warming planet will cause rising seas, drought, hurricanes, vanishing species, etc.

We believe it’s real but we’re only going to do something about it if you use words like “green jobs” or, better yet, “American jobs.” If you get rid of “sustainability” and instead say “cleaner, safer, healthier.”

  • When asked whether or not they want companies to focus on “greater energy efficiency” vs. “being carbon neutral” 47 percent of those surveyed said they wanted to hear about energy efficiency. Only 12 percent cared about businesses becoming carbon neutral.

Luntz’s message to government and business: ‘“Carbon Neutral” Should be Eliminated from your Vocabulary’ is also the heading on that graph from the report.

“Carbon neutral” conjures up “Hollywood types flying across the country and buying carbon offsets.” “Accountability for polluters,” on the other hand, conjures up good governance, says a story last week in The New Republic. The story goes on to say that Luntz:

insists that Americans would support a cap on carbon emissions—80 percent of Dems, but also 43 percent of Republicans he surveyed are either definitely or pretty sure climate change is a problem that’s caused in part by humans.

  • But he doesn’t believe cap-and-trade can pass as long as “it’s called ‘cap-and-trade,’ and all the messaging that’s been used against it. The title has become so demonized that
  • they’ve got to come up with a new name.”

—it seems Luntz has found that the only way to get them to respond to legislation that will

  • address the problem is to cite that old standby: national security.

A jittery nation we are, clearly, as national security “tops every other reason to support cap and trade”—according to Luntz’s report."...******

From Environmental Defense Fund site: 1/21

Luntz: ""Americans want their leaders to act on climate change – but not necessarily for the reasons you think," Luntz said. "A clear majority of Americans believe climate change is happening. This is true of McCain voters and Obama voters alike.

And even those that don't still believe it is essential for America to pursue policies that promote energy independence and a cleaner, healthier environment.

In reference to recent political events, Luntz added: "People are much more interested in seeing solutions than watching

Luntz's firm, The Word Doctors, conducted a national poll of 1007 registered voters (+ 3% margin of error). ...Luntz's research unveiled areas of clear agreement on climate legislation between Obama and McCain voters, and among the general public:

Republicans and Democrats agree that national security is the top reason to enact comprehensive climate policy. Luntz noted that national security "crosses demographic lines,

is embraced by opinion elites and

doesn't require a belief in climate change.""...

  • Republican Frank Luntz is no better than RJ Pachauri.
Pew Poll: 1/25/10 Global warming dead last on list of Americans' concerns



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