Saturday, January 02, 2010

Famous NY Times climate guy in desperation invokes Rush Limbaugh

Andrew Revkin made his name as a NY Times climate alarmist, part of a group set on making US citizens permanent wage slaves to brutal equatorial dictators, unelected, unaccountable UN grifters and a pack of billionaire carbon traders. Now having left the Times but retaining his blog, Revkin can refocus on unformed minds of children and generally ridiculing realists. Like a true climate alarmist, Revkin uses any opportunity to change the subject from facts to feelings, joining billionaires of the left and taking aim at 'the science's' real target: a radio talk show host named Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh recently experienced chest pains allowing the left to show again in their mobness they are the ones with neither heart nor mind. It will probably help land Revkin his next high profile gig. via Tom Nelson


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