Friday, February 05, 2010

Crime infested EU carbon trading registry records all linked at United Nations

As Ingrid Bergman said in the film Casablanca speaking to a Major of the Third Reich, approximately:
  • "You may recall what your guarantees have meant in the past...."
"The EU carbon-trading program, the world’s largest, includes about 11,000 factories and power plants. Companies that emit more than their cap must buy additional permits, while those that cut emissions more than required can sell their surplus.

Software Safe

The secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change said it has been informed of nine “fraudulent transactions” involving theft of passwords belonging to participants in the EU program. Software for national registries hasn’t been compromised, the UNFCCC said today in a statement.

  • “Many national registries have already confirmed that they have taken appropriate security measures and that access to their system is now secured,” it said. “The UNFCCC secretariat is collaborating closely with the remaining national registries to ensure that access to their systems is secured.”...

The ITL, which validates and records all transactions of emission units

  • under the Kyoto Protocol,

hasn’t been subject to interference and is “fully secure and operational,” the UNFCCC said.""

  • Right. That's a peer reviewed conclusion? (ed.)

Reference, Bloomberg report from Brussels, 2/3, "UniCredit urges Carbon Account Checks after EU Scam Update 2"


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