Sunday, February 14, 2010

Too big to fail--man made global warming profiteers seek bailouts

With trillions on the line and possibly down the drain, someone at a billionaire hedge fund extravaganza may have said, hey We're Too Big to Fail, grab some other fool's money to prop us up.
  • So 'climate' profiteers are pouring good millions after bad, and getting 11th hour support from reliable media pals. The news from actual news sources has been bad for awhile but today everyone knows-
their pyramid scheme is based on nothing . The lead scientist on the Nobel Prize winning UN climate report now says he's not positive after all about the data behind it's key selling point-the one that the EPA based its decision on, the one expressed in the famous
Climate Catastrophe Cheerleader the Boston Globe hails an urgent, all out $50 million tax- exempt investment to groups including a Boston Climate group. The group's co-chair is ubiquitous Mindy Lubber, according to a 2009 report (in which Boston's Mayor was joined by Al Gore making an announcement).
Soros was therefore a speaker at the Ceres/INCR/UN hedge fund extravaganza whose main purpose was to whine that US taxpayer dollars must be transferred into their wallets ASAP.
Reference, Boston Globe, "Barr Foundation giving $50 million to efforts fighting climate change," by Erin Ailworth, 2/14/10

Among investors in INCR 'climate' fund--unfortunately too many
employee retirement and other government funds:

New York City Comptroller's Office
New York City Employees Retirement System
New York State Comptroller's Office
New York State Teachers' Retirement System
North Carolina State Treasurer
Ohio State Treasurer
Oregon State Treasurer's Office
SEIU (Service Employyes Int'l Union)

"Other summit speakers include (times may change):
Goldman Sachs Senior Investment Strategist Abby Joseph Cohen
(10:50-11:15 am)

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka (3:30 pm)
George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Management Inc (5:00 pm)"

  • Reference: INCR, 1/14/10, "Investors representing $13 trillion call
  • on US and
  • other countries to move quickly to adopt strong climate change
    policies, "Cannot Wait for
    a Global Treaty" investors tell Congress
    and other government policy makers
    at United Nations Climate Investors Summit"
Reference: "13 Members of Congress, 17 companies and associations
file court challenge against EPA 'Endangerment Finding
," 2/10/10,
PR Newswire,US Newswire




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