Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where have you gone, WOODWARD & BERNSTEIN? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you to save us from Global Warming crime

Update: Of course, now the UN Climate report 'review' isn't happening at all.
  • THEY USED TO SAY 'FOLLOW THE MONEY.' No more-not with Global Warming fraud. After 3 decades of meticulous planning, they don't want you to. Because it's the answer to the greatest crime against humanity in history.
The Nobel committee could not possibly have read the United Nations climate report now extensively documented to be a sloppy propaganda piece. Amid fanfare, it's said the disgraced 'report' will get a big deal review by independent 'experts.'
The Telegraph article prays to God you won't ask that question. The answer is,
The Telegraph does not mention this crucial fact until the very end of its long PR piece which whitewashes the whole thing anyway, just slipping in,
although it will be independent. A panel of experts has yet to be announced. The review should be finished by the end of August. " (end of Louise Gray puff piece)
  • I ask again, where have you gone Woodward and Bernstein?
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