Thursday, March 18, 2010

HSBC Bank praised by Soros global warming pressure group

HSBC Bank was in at the beginning of the carbon trading calamity, as promoted on the Chicago Climate Exchange page noting its part in Trading Emissions, PLC.
  • Convicted stock swindler George Soros is an equity partner in litigious pressure group which will spend any amount of time and money to end brutal US productivity and borders. Other billionaires such as Maurice Strong have the same goal. Most US businesses don't realize the global warming industry is a criminal hoax,so turn their lives and efforts over to various Soros' groups.
"Using a 1- to 100-point scoring system, the two highest scoring banks were European-based HSBC Holdings and ABN AMRO with 70 points and 66 points, respectively. More than half of the 40 banks scored under 50 points, with a median score of 42 points.
  • "More banks realize that climate change is a big business issue, but their responses so far are the tip of the iceberg of what is needed to tackle this colossal global challenge," said Mindy S. Lubber, president of Ceres, which published the report, Corporate Governance and Climate Change: The Banking Sector. "As a key provider of capital and financing worldwide, banks must do more to move the economy away from fossil fuels and high-carbon investments that are exacerbating climate change."

The report employs a "Climate Change Governance Checklist" to evaluate how 16 U.S. and 24 non-U.S. banks are addressing climate change through board of director oversight, management performance, public disclosure, GHG emissions accounting and strategic planning. The report took six months to complete and uses data from securities filings, company reports, company websites, third-party questionnaires and direct company communications.

  • The report ranked 16 U.S., 15 European, five Asian, three Canadian and one Brazilian bank. The 40 companies include several different classes of financial services firms, including diversified banks, investment banks and asset managers. The final scores are
  • weighted to reflect the fact that some of the banks – specifically, asset mangers and investment banks –
  • are not engaged in the full spectrum of product and service offerings assessed by the Climate Change Governance Checklist. (Company scores, profiles and the summary report are available at

Among the key scores:

Bank Category Highest Scorers Lowest Scorers
Diversified Banks (20 Total)HSBC(70 points)Bank of Nova Scotia(26 points)

ABN AMRO(66)TD Bank Financial(25)

Barclays (61)Mizuho Financial (24)

HBOS (61)Banco Santander (22)

Deutsche (60)Banco do Brasil (14)

Citigroup (59)Industrial Bank of China (8)

Bank of America (56)Bank of China (4)
Investment Banks (5 Total)Goldman Sachs (53)Lehman Brothers (26)

Merrill Lynch (52)Bear Stearns (0)

Morgan Stanley (49)
Asset Managers (6 Total)State Street Corp (36)Franklin Resources (1)

Leading institutional investors requested the Ceres report, authored by RiskMetrics Group’s Climate Research Team,

  • to boost understanding and awareness

about the banking sector’s role and response to climate change. The investors are part of the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR), an alliance of U.S. institutional investors coordinated by Ceres that collectively manage more than $4 trillion in assets.

"Over the next 40 years, we're looking at the virtual de-carbonization of industrial economies

  • if the warnings of climate scientists are going to be heeded," said lead author Douglas Cogan, director of Climate Change Research at RiskMetrics Group.

"Banks need to start re-ordering their investment and lending priorities now, especially in the energy sector, to reflect

  • changing asset and credit valuations."...*****

  • Who says values have changed and why? Even an activist quoted in this article uses the word "if" regarding existence of catastrophic man made global warming. Why all this for something not proved?.......ed. ******
"So who will win in this battle to monetize
  • the carbon?
  • the UN with its desire for funding via international taxation vies
  • with exchange corporations who want a piece of the
"(See also:"

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