Friday, April 30, 2010

Wishful headline and issue framing by the usual suspect, the NY Times

UPDATE: Arizona police deputy shot by illegal aliens with AK 47 today, 4/30. Violent crime and death may be acceptable to many people. It is not fine in the United States from now on. MLB can close down its entire billion dollar operation in Arizona if it wishes to. Good bye.
  • Commenters:
"Phil and Shakira
Where is the outrage for this officer and all the officers killed or injured by illegal alien criminals. Where is the press conference for that? Enjoy your first class trip back to your hell hole country Shakira, you suck you stupid bleach bloned barbie doll singer who has no right even commenting on our situtation. Are you Shakira donating your untold wealth to help give the illegals all the health care you want them to get?????"

"Sad thing is,
Melissa S
With suspected illegal immigrants, officers and border patrol agents can't fire back when they are shot at. Anyone remember those sacrifical border patrol agents in Texas who went to jail when they shot a drug smuggler in the butt? Our deputies, border patrol agents even our ranchers are sitting ducks because
  • the drug smugglers not only have the guns, they have the public's sympathy. I pray for this deputy and all those who patrol the border." ****
Another misleading headline and story open from the NY Times. This is something one might expect from the National Enquirer. I check in tonight and see on their website the dramatic headline, "Ballplayers join protest of new law," by Michael S. Schmidt. They fooled me, as no ballplayers have done so per their article.
  • The Times frames the story in its opening sentences in which they reference (a few completely uninformed straggling-ed.) protesters outside Wrigley Field. So now I'm ready for the Times to add names of elite baseball players who've become picketers.
But no players joined in any protests anywhere, nor even made a statement, per the article. (An AP article later tonight quotes Ozzie Guillen and Cesar Izturis objecting to the Arizona law, which is fine. They can avoid Arizona and the entire United States if they choose not to appreciate the terrible problems being inflicted on its residents).The article just rehashed the Players Union statement. No protest, just a statement. The Times headline and story open created a space in readers' minds where a few straggling completely uninformed persons outside Wrigley behave in comparable fashion with elite MLB players, or even the MLBPA, but
  • the promise was never delivered, no evidence of ballplayers or even the union picketing anywhere. The National Enquirer makes a more honest living than the NY Times in my opinion. ed.



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