Saturday, May 01, 2010

MLB has no tears for Rape Trees in Arizona, rewards Mexico with World Baseball Classic money

For MLB and its steno pool RAPE TREES ARE OK, but asking anyone for ID is a crime. MLB rewards this kind of behavior by drooling over Mexico and giving them the World Baseball Classic.

  • Top photo one of many Rape Trees in Arizona left by Mexicans who brought young girls over the border and raped them. By all means, address this by canceling the All Star game in Arizona as per sycophant Bud Selig girly men. ed.
"A recent report from the Cronkite News Service, a student-run news service of Arizona State University, shed the national spotlight on a new immigration problem plaguing the desert border towns of Arizona:
Mexican drug cartel members and the coyotes, who smuggle immigrants across the border, are believed to rape the women as soon as they enter U.S. territory to instill fear, intimidate and control them. When the coyote-rapists are finished,
These “rape trees” are becoming more common along the Arizona border counties of Pima and Cochise, as coyotes and drug cartel members find human trafficking more lucrative than drug smuggling.
  • With the shrinking U.S. economy and high un-employment rate, fewer and fewer Mexican immigrants are crossing the borders for work. As the Mexican authorities push back against the drug cartels, it’s getting harder to smuggle drugs across the border. The result is the increased smuggling of young women, who are immediately forced into prostitution and slavery. "
""Rape Trees" frame Arizona-Mexico border: Grim Reminders," 3/16/09, Now Public



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