Sunday, August 15, 2010

SatelliteGate, NOAA satellites can be wrong and no one may know it

Recently, a NOAA satellite reported abnormally high temperatures for Lake Michigan which they've now admitted were false. A satellite involved in reporting these numbers may have been scheduled for the scrap heap in 2007 or earlier but was still being used for official data. NOAA made changes to their website as a result of this chain of events over the past several weeks. But no NY Times headline saying NOAA's data is all in doubt and call for an open investigation of all weather satellites.
8/15/10: "WELL DONE to all involved in this SATELLITEGATE expose!
  • It helps explain puzzles many have had including...smoothed world temperatures (both land and reported satellite) over recent years especially this year/last decade (?) seemed 'too high'.
This revelation further confirms something I and Tom Harris said on Russia Today TV Feb (5th) 2010 namely that WE JUST DO NOT reliably KNOW what world temperatures are and have been doing over the last decade or century. See Laura Emmet's superb ClimateGate report here (Video)
  • We do know local things of course like it has been and is very hot in Russia and has been astoundingly cold in parts of South America and Australia compared with normal, but
  • these monstrous data blunders
  • will obscure rational discussion and temperature reportage.
The climate hype industry will do everything in its power to put a lid on this one. Imagine if it were found the satellite data had been reading minus 200F in Michigan etc and that had been used in input for world averages,
coupled with public sackings of the scientists involved and the most dire 'end of the world' warnings possible
  • and redoubled calls for carbon supertaxes.
The key questions are:-
  • Why are ALL the errors and tricks in data collection and processing found since Climategate broke of the sort which make temperatures too high?
  • How bad is this error and how long has it been going on for?
  • What parts of the globe does it mainly concern?
  • WHEN and HOW will we get a reliable world temperature data set; and just WHAT is the best (most reliable) data set around?
  • Could it be that the world temp peak (believed) of around 1998 - 2003 was no higher than that around 1935-1940?
  • Are we actually heading for the next ice age as lake Michagan boils according to [satellite] measurements?!
  • Corbyn also comments on the recent Russian heatwave here. Excerpt:
"The present and recent superheat in Russia, superfloods in Pakistan and supercold in much of South America (Odd we haven't heard much about that bit of 'Climate Change') might be new to them but they are nothing new to the world and are part of essentially PREDICTABLE natural solar-magnetic lunar cycles."
  • via Tom Nelson
8/16 Update, "Top Climate Scientists speak out on the SatelliteGate Scandal," by John O'Sullivan, Canada Free Press, via ClimateDepot
  • ***Update: Another satellite/computer snafu:
8/21/10, BBC, "Computer blow to Europe's Goce Gravity Satellite," by J. Amos
"A senior investigation board at Esa is looking into the root causes of the
  • computer failures,
to understand the implications for other satellite missions....This data will have many applications,
  • especially in the area of climate studies
by bringing new insights into how gravity influences the way ocean waters move and so
  • redistribute heat around the planet."...

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