Saturday, August 21, 2010

Even NOAA adamant Russian fires were 'natural,' cannot be blamed on man

8/13/10 report, NOAA isn't giving up on global warming yet- they'd be out of jobs for starters-but they are adamant that the
  • Russian fires were due to natural causes.
(This part near end of piece):"Despite this strong evidence for a warming planet,
  • greenhouse gas forcing
The natural process of atmospheric blocking, and the climate impacts induced by such blocking,
It is not known whether, or to what extent, greenhouse gas emissions may affect the frequency or intensity of blocking during summer. It is important to note that observations reveal no trend in a daily frequency of July blocking over the period since 1948, nor is there an appreciable trend in the absolute values of upper tropospheric summertime heights over western Russia for the period since 1900."...
  • via Climate Depot
Imaginary global warming casts middle class Americans as climate criminals responsible for sinking islands, for which they must pay billions in reparations immediately and yearly--on a fixed date not open to negotiation--in perpetuity. That they themselves are innocent and broke is of no consequence.



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