Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back cover, 8/27/09

  • Jack Nicholson, Lorne Michaels, and Paul McCartney pictured at Rangers-Yankee game, 8/26/09, NY Daily News back cover

Monday, August 10, 2009

Left wing hate radio host urges public suicide of Glenn Beck--WHY ISN'T MALLOY BANNED IN BRITAIN?

RadioEqualizer: "Proving that liberal talk radio still has new frontiers of bad taste to explore, syndicated host Mike Malloy has openly called for
  • FOX News Channel host Glenn Beck
to commit suicide, something he hopes will occur live and on the air.
  • Heard during yesterday's (8/4/09) Malloy program, it's the second time in a week that the former WLS/ Chicago talker has called for the death of one of his political opponents.
Here's a transcript and clip of his sickening call for Beck's demise:"

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Far left MSNBC attempts to keep race profiteering alive and divert attention from real problems--hires "race commentator"

"MSNBC must have had an opening for a race-based provocateur with zero credibility, a thorough disregard for facts and an extensive record for prefacing windy spiels with bad guesswork, because
By the way, why is racial profiling condemned as abhorrent in crime prevention and crime investigations, but
from NY Post column by Phil Mushnick, 8/2/09, "MLB's Dirt a Selig-Fehr Production"