Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Media Bias, Malpractice, well embedded and will continue

(Canada Free Press, Harvey): "Journalistic Malpractice. Shouldn’t that be a crime? I think so. I ran across a video of which I took the audio and saved it just in case some Obamatard whines to the point that the video gets removed. The audio is stored right here. Another video that I have the audio segments to is stored in two places, one being the full audio complete with Howard Stern “isms” and the other is filtered out and stored here. Both videos can be viewed here for the time being. If that won’t load for you, feel free to go here or here.

What the videos and audio segments reveal is what we already have known for quite some time. The American News Media has lost its way and can no longer report the news as their own ethics creed requires them to. They have betrayed the trust that the American People once held them in high esteem for.

In the videos and audio segments, you will see and/or hear the most ignorant people in the known universe describing their political prowess. From my personal evaluation, I have determined that these people are so dumb and/or ignorant that a cargo ship loaded with crates of turtle turds has more political prowess than these interviewees. Not knowing who or what you are voting for is tantamount to serious mental deficiencies.

Who, however, is to “blame” for this? Logically, it is the individual’s fault for not being informed. However, they have been swindled into believing that the National News Media is properly informing them. Where in the world did they get that from?
We have quite a bit of work before us people and at times I wonder if we are up to the task. What will we do when the going gets tough? What will we do when ridiculed and scoffed upon? As for myself, I press onward with more and more energy and determination. How about you?
  • Are you up to the task take our country back from the Marxist socialists or is it too hard?
  • Are you willing to hit the streets?
  • Are you willing to set aside the video games?
  • Are you willing to turn the television off?
I have learned quite a bit from my ventures out onto the various theoretical facilities of Higher Learning we call colleges and universities. I have learned that the students are not taught critical thinking nor are they instructed in ethics or thinking for themselves. They most certainly are not taught American Politics. I ran across so many that could not tell you which political party was in “control” and if they did tell me what they thought, it was wrong. Several told me that
  • they were voting democrat because those republicans Pelosi, Reid and Murtha were screwing the country up. I wonder where they learned the wrong things from.
Some told me that their “teachers” did. I was shocked, truly. When I proved to them that they were “ill-informed”, it was their turn to be shocked. Quite a few of them said they get their information from the “media”. I told them that exposing the Lame Stream Media was “Rather” fun back on 7 JUL 2007. They looked at me curiously so I showed them that post. More shock waves were formed.

If there is any doubt whatsoever, I suggest that you read, study, memorize, save, print and distribute the List of 45. And then, buy the book The Naked Communist. Only then will you be able to understand that which we face as a Nation. Wake Up People."


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