Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MLB intervention with Glaus and Schoeneweis v Mitchell noted

NEW YORK (AP) -"Federal prosecutors are investigating whether a doctor illegally prescribed drugs for major league baseball players, The New York Times reported Wednesday, citing three lawyers who were briefed on the investigation.

"Media reports?"

  • They were identified in documents seized by federal and state investigators as having purchased steroids.
  • The "media" didn't "link" them,

  • public drug investigators did.

  • The "media" mentions made their way to an ancillary gently termed "alleged internet" category of the Mitchell Report. (sm)

(AP): "is the target of the investigation by prosecutors in the Northern District of California, the newspaper reported.

Translation: Despite documentation on paper from legal authorities, Mitchell chose not to request an interview with either Glaus or Schoeneweis in the fall of 2007 when their actions became public knowledge.
  • The MLB Owners Commissioner's office (Selig) intervened on the 2 players' behalf apparently, interviewing them on their own and sending them on their way without further incident. Thus removing them from Mitchell's investigation.(sm)
  • (AP): "One of the lawyers who spoke anonymously to the Times told the newspaper that the investigation has uncovered the names of other major league players who received prescriptions from Scruggs.

Scruggs has not been charged with any crimes in the investigation."


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