Thursday, February 28, 2008

George Mitchell, Bud Selig, AP are Yankees' Daddies for life: Pettitte still being bashed on (an site)

With all the unanswered questions of the so-called Mitchell Report--including Mitchell's claim he never heard about Paul Byrd's talk with the commissioner about his own dealings in criminal drug use to the tune of $25,000, today wins the prize. A Yankee fan clicks on to on Feb. 28, 2008 and sees a big picture of Andy Pettitte sitting alone in a dugout. There is a one sentence caption attributed to the AP--I guess this means it's news, saying "Andy Pettitte admitted to using HGH" etc., (twice in 2002 on the DL, 2 shots from his father in one day in 2004). No kidding?
I had gone to the site to find out about an upcoming game, but seeing such a caption under such a picture at this point in time caused me to leave the site without the information I'd sought. There's no point in being a Yankee fan. They can't even control their own website. Continuing propaganda over practically nothing about Andy Pettitte, completely inappropriate, pleases a certain group of people. These people are not getting my money. (Cleverly, the caption would not link).


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