Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Myth of Goose Gossage "Durability"

Gossage's alleged "durability" vanished (over the fence) in key post season and all star opportunities--when it mattered most.
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  • 5. He did figure positively in one All Star game decision with a save, 7/10/84, NL over AL. Score was 3-1 when he entered top 9th, and that was the final score. In 3 of the years he was an All Star he did not pitch, 1976, 1981, and 1982. In other years not listed above, his appearances weren't in high stakes situations.
  • 17. Gossage's alleged durability is a myth when compared to Mariano Rivera's. Gossage must've worn himself out in the regular season, because he lacked the "durability" or "mentality" of the best closer--who has done it in 13 consecutive post seasons along with a number of all stars. Gossage had more flops than durabilty in post season and all star--when it mattered most. Also, in Rivera's 76 post season games, he averages 1.54 IP/appearance. If that's the same as only 1 inning, how come everyone doesn't do it?
Gossage speaks of how mind-blowing it was being a Yankee. Perhaps in part that explains his incessant, low-class campaign against the great Rivera. But doesn't excuse it--no matter how painful it is for him.


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