Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday August 4, 2007---Good bye Joe Girardi

Fox TV airs a Saturday afternoon game nationally, but today gave us "bonus" coverage of the finish of the last few outs of a Fox regional game, Cleveland-Twins. Kenny Albert and Joe Girardi doing the voice work. Still anchoring Fox Studio for the national desk was of course Kevin Kennedy (a 24/7 PR machine for a former often-injured LA Dodger closer). The coverage showed Joe Nathan getting the final 3 outs and Joe Girardi reading a twisted stat about "saves" which gave no context whatsoever and arranged itself to mention only 2 so-called top "saves" guys as Nathan and a former Dodger closer who hasn't pitched a full season since 2004.
  • Girardi reads this thing and says, "These guys will get you saves." Right, Joe. You're now officially at the bottom of the barrel, a sell out, and a phony. You just handed out something you knew very well was bogus, you gave it out as having merit--you had a chance to add some qualification of your own to it AND DIDN'T SAY A THING. Good bye, Joe.


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