Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why has this been such a "Little Known Fact" in Baseball?

  • Here is yet another "baseball club." They play and you don't. One can imagine the opinions and job leads swapped among the media buddies. If you can't, then you've never had a job or had to look for one.
  • During each regular season Yankees-Red Sox series, the beat writers and columnists for the two teams play a game against each other at the ballpark. The writers get very stoked for this. They talk about it for weeks and discuss their exploits prior to that particular night's real game between the Yanks and Sox. The New York crew has a secret weapon: Bob Klapisch, who pitched at Columbia University."
from Will Weiss, Bronx Banter blog,4/16/07
  • Unfortunately, Bronx Banter is seen as a bigtime Yankee blog. It reads to me like a BP blog. Truly pathetic. On 4/16, this individual Will Weiss undertakes the following: why hasn't Jeter been criticized more in the media for his rash of errors? Weiss says he's spent time looking around for criticisms but has only found a couple of sites trashing Jeter. Weiss thinks this is wrong, that Jeter deserves more bashing. I guess Weiss missed the Yankee blog waswatching.com which ran a blistering, cruel post about Jeter on April 10. It was so effective it drew the attention of an even more popular website who asked the waswatching author to help him write a critique of the Yankees. As I said, big money in bashing Jeter. Icing on the cake--Will Weiss advises us to read a great analysis on Jeter by none other than Rob Neyer. Neyer has achieved fame and fortune by criticizing Derek Jeter which is public knowledge. Fine, he can do whatever he wants. But how pathetic that Yankee fans flock to a site obsessed with nailing Jeter to the wall and referring us to Rob Neyer to flesh out the subject. The passivity of the Yankee fan is corrosive and damaging. The few robots that happen upon this post will trash me, as I'm the only one who speaks up about the monopoly of baseball information. You may have heard of the Thought Police?


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