Saturday, April 21, 2007

Judge orders search of Minneapolis Star Tribune Computers---4/20/07

"A Ramsey County district judge Friday granted a request from the St. Paul Pioneer Press allowing the newspaper to search at least a dozen computers owned or used by Star Tribune employees amid concerns that the Minneapolis paper obtained its main competitor's confidential advertising information.
  • Judge David Higgs also granted a Pioneer Press request that the Star Tribune's director of niche publications, Jennifer Parratt, be temporarily suspended from her job. Parratt, who was hired away from the Pioneer Press, started with the Star Tribune on Tuesday."
From article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, 4/20/07, "Pioneer Press Wins 1st round in Suit Against Star Tribune," by Matt McKinney.
  • FORMER STRIB EDITOR UPSET--THOUGHT THEY WERE 'MOST SOPHISTICATED' IN THE WORLD...HORRIFIED AT PROSPECT OF 'A LONG PUBLIC ROMP.' Their power, in my opinion, only lasted as long as they "romped" in private.
  • From former editor Tim McGuire in a letter to the editor:
  • "For 23 years as managing editor or editor of the Star Tribune I believed Minneapolis-St Paul was the best, most sophisticated, highest-integrity newspaper market in America. The Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press always competed on a high level with dignity, passion and a constant concern for the Twin Cities audience. The readers were the big winners."
This is a logical outcome from believing you're the best and "most sophisticated" newspaper market for a long time. You think you're the only one who can ask questions--you're above the rest of us. I rarely see the word "sophisticated" used in correct context anymore. sm


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