Friday, June 15, 2007

Herein lies the problem

"I spoke yesterday with Peter Angelos, the wealthy owner of the Baltimore Orioles, who was an elected official and friend of the Pelosi family. He lamented the cuts going on at the Baltimore Sun, recalling that the paper once assigned a young reporter to every city agency,
  • and that it was the only thing that kept many politicians honest. He fears without the same presence, his city is in for a wave of corruption. The Chronicle serves a vital purpose. The business of journalism is in deep trouble, but the need for journalists is not."
From Marc Sandalow's memo on his departure from the San Francisco Chronicle, via Romenesko, 6/14/07
Unfortunately, other baseball owners probably think the same way Angelos does. It is exactly the implied "Divinity" of so-called journalists that will bring them down.


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