Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another item from the last days of baseball--stolen from the people like everything else in the US

"The New York faithful rose to their feet as Pettitte concluded his BP session and embraced him with the loudest applause any pitcher received en route to the Yankees' dugout." (MLB.com, 2/25/08)
  • Selig, Mitchell, DuPuy, and MLB.com--I'm glad you're all so out of touch you think any person with half a brain believes one word you say. You can include apparatchik Dawn Klemish who put out your spin from MLB.com--as if any fan could be "angry" with Pettitte.
  • With you people so insulated from reality, the nightmare of baseball in America will be over sooner rather than later.
Your xerox of an IRS report which you called YOUR "report"--which earned you millions--in the case of Pettitte totally mischaracterized what he did. The joke of the century is that fans might be "angry" at Andy. NOT A CHANCE. FANS ARE ANGRY AT YOU PHONIES AT MLB. Andy did nothing, PAUL BYRD DID MUCH WORSE AND YOU SAY NOTHING ABOUT HIM.


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