Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bill Madden jumps on the Bias Bus

"It is therefore perhaps worth noting that, from 1975-85, excluding '76 when he was used as a starter, Gossage logged more than 100 innings four times and more than 90 twice. (By contrast, Mariano Rivera's high since becoming the Yankee closer in 1997 is 80-2/3 in 2001). In that 10-season span as a dominant closer, Gossage yielded only 692 hits in 972innings, struck out 923, walked just 354 and had an overall ERA of 2.06."
  • Why misrepresent Mariano Rivera? Why leave out his 122 IP in 1996 of late inning relief? And all his other stellar post season innings were left off Madden's report. In addition to the 122 IP in 1996, Rivera had 3 other years of combined 90+ IP, and 3 of 80+.
From Bill Madden's NY Daily News column, 1/11/07
  • I can only hope Madden's trying to get a book deal out of Gossage.


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