Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Notice the "saves" compilers as opposed to those who did it for their team:

  • "Goose Gossage is just fascinating to me, because in the era of the specialization of the closer and the emphasis of the save and the specialty of the position that's happened," Ripken said."

  • The closer most of the time has the same amount of innings as his appearances. Goose Gossage was a horse. Goose Gossage came in and closed out the game and he pitched in all areas of relief.*
  • It was not uncommon for him to close out the last three innings of the game, and then do it again the next night. So having played against Goose and watched him, he seems to be a Hall of Famer to me. I was saddened a little bit when I saw he didn't make it."
Statement by Cal Ripken from NY Post article by Kevin Kernan, 1/10/07
These are COMPILERS, the #1 being T. Hoffman, #2 E. Gagne.


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