Thursday, November 30, 2006

The joke's on The America-Haters--Soccer has worse posting system than capitalist Japan does in baseball!

"If the posting system is an example of freer baseball trade, it is far behind the example of soccer, where transfer fees that routinely send players around the world have been common for decades. But in one significant way, soccer’s system is different because players still under contract by the selling team receive a small percentage of the fees from their buyers."

"In 2003, Manchester United sent David Beckham to Real Madrid for $41 million. Andriy Shevchenko, the Ukrainian striker, has quite a résumé: He was sent by Dynamo Kiev to A.C. Milan in 2000 for $25 million, and in May, went to Chelsea for $55 million. Shevchenko, then, has been worth more in fees than Matsuzaka and Igawa combined."

From NY Times, 12/1/06, by Richard Sandomir


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