Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Scott Miller admits when pressed---knows Mariano deserves credit, but refuses, for personal reasons, to give it

From CBS, 11/29/06, transcript of Scott Miller conversation with fans:

"From: Dean Francis,

"Scott, I agree with you completely on the reliever bias, but nowhere in your column do you mention last year when Colon beat Mariano Rivera in what was the best year of Mariano's Hall of Fame career. That was a travesty and injustice."

"Yeah, but at least Bartolo Colon had a very good year and helped pitch his team to the division title. Brandon Webb's Diamondbacks finished fourth in their division.""

  • I love it! Scott Miller says, "Yeah, but..." barely acknowledging Mariano's existence, and REFUSES TO RESPOND TO A FAN WHO CARED ENOUGH ABOUT HIS SUPPOSED OPINION TO ASK HIM A LOGICAL QUESTION. Wonder how any and all ballots of Miller's look when Rivera is involved....By the way, did you know Miller's life-long goal was to vote on baseball awards? I documented this from an interview he had on XM radio some months ago (on my XM MLB blog). To grow up wanting to judge others in a secret, unaccountable, multi-million dollar stakes award that makes old men weep? That's the last person who should be involved in this corrupt, political boon doggle.


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