Thursday, April 23, 2009

MLB sells out players and fans for political scam of global warming

Shake down artists for global warming had an easy mark with Bud Selig and MLB. One such artist described by as 'a senior scientist' from NRDC, Alan Hershkowitz has been given further legitimacy for his bogus cause. This political hack got to throw out the first pitch at the Marlins-Pirates game this week. Hershkowitz' education shows a devotion to politics and money, not to science:

  • ***Dr. Alan Hershkowitz (NRDC senior scientist) sounds impressive until you find his degrees aren't in sciences at all. They are in politics and money:
  • a B.A. (cum laude) from the City College of New York in 1978, and; a Certificat D’assiduite from the University of Grenoble in 1975."
No surprise. Like so many of his kind, it all started at CCNY.
He is a senior scientist for the Natural Resources Defense Council, which partnered with the Pirates last year to launch the team's industry-leading Let's Go Green program -- and energy-free means every dollar spent on electricity at the ballpark will be matched with a dollar spent on natural energy resource development.
  • "Earth Day is the perfect opportunity for the Pirates to highlight the many programs we have implemented that are making tangible positive contributions to the greening of our environment," Pirates chairman Bob Nutting said. "As I said when we launched our Let's Go Green campaign last year, we did not decide to do this because it is popular; we did it because it was the right thing to do."...

Meanwhile, it is time to watch Hershkowitz throw out the first pitch in Pittsburgh"...

A Cubs forum discusses Glow-bull Warming Scam


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