Sunday, March 29, 2009's PR machine sells the 'Total Save' stat when it suits their purpose

  • Joakim Soria is great but with only 2 regular seasons as a late inning reliever anoints him as 'elite.', 3/29/09: "Joakim Soria is one of 14 closers
  • in history
  • than hits allowed (39)
  • in a season."
No mention of how many outs per save, runners on base, save opportunities, the 19 walks he gave up in each of his 2 years, etc. Just the total save stat.
  • Article from, "Soria now one of Majors' Elite Closers," by Dick Kaegel
(On another day about another pitcher they'll say the 'total save stat is the most overrated in baseball').


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