Monday, March 16, 2009

Media Matters wants CNBC to fail

AP, Crain's NY: "Some critics are seizing on comedian Jon Stewart's attacks of CNBC to launch an online petition drive urging the network to be tougher on Wall Street leaders.

They're asking CNBC to hire economic voices with a track record of being right about the current crisis and do more to hold business leaders accountable.

  • CNBC has been in the firing line since Mr. Stewart pointed out on his Daily Show network personalities who, in retrospect, offered bad financial advice. After a week trading barbs with Mr. Stewart, Jim Cramer apologized for mistakes he'd made on his show, Mad Money."... "Watchdog group calls for change at CNBC,"*** via Radio Daily News

***"Some economists" is a general term which sounds impressive until you find out the exact names. The term "Watchdog group" can mean many things as well. In this case, it's a rich, tax exempt far left political activist group. The chairman of GE, CNBC's owner, Jeffrey Immelt, is best buddies with Obama and has big climate scams in the works in Obama's re-making of America. sm


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