Friday, July 28, 2006

BBWAA Officers 1999---900 members

Baseball Writers Association

Liaison: Barry Forbis, Rocky Mountain News.

President: Bob Elliott, Toronto Sun, 333 King Street E., Toronto, Ontario M5A 3X5. CANADA. Home phone: 905-822-9268. Office phone: 416-947-2266. Fax: 416-947-2454. E-mail:

Vice president: Charlie Scoggins, Lowell Sun, 12 Cliffside Road, Lowell, Mass. 01852. Home phone: 508-454-1625. Office phone: 508-458-7100.

Meetings: Twice a year: All-Star Game and World Series.

Membership: 900 (baseball reporters, sports editors, columnists and feature reporters who cover baseball). Dues: $35 nationally; local dues vary.

Major concerns: Access to players and club officials; credentials.

Financial contracts: None.

Activities: Voting on BBWAA awards, which include MVP, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young and Manager of the Year.


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