Thursday, July 27, 2006

My email to Brian Costello, NY Post 7/27/06 re 2005 AL Cy Young voters

Mr. Costello, I read a recent article you wrote in the NY Post, and thought you might be able
to advise me. I seek the names and professional affiliations of the 28 persons who voted for
the 2005 AL Cy Young award. I requested this information from Jack O'Connell who told me it
was only available to BBWAA members. I read an interview with Randy Harvey in which he
stated the information was "open." So, I emailed Peter Schmuck, who told me the information isn't confidential, but he doesn't have it at his fingertips, and it is kept in New York. I called MLB in New York & was told they don't have it. I called Ernst and Young, left a message as to the information I sought, but haven't heard back. I sent Mr. Schmuck another email asking him for the information or whom to contact about it, but haven't heard
back. Since the information isn't confidential, I thought you might be able to tell me the 28
names. I already have several of them, but need all 28. My interest is that of a baseball fan.
Thanks for your time and help. Susan Mullen, New York.


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