Friday, July 28, 2006

Scott Miller, CBS, July 2006--shows bias

Scott Miller the day before the 2006 All Star game shows he's incredibly ill informed:
Francisco Liriano, David Eckstein and Chris Capuano added to the All-Star rosters ... Ozzie Guillen and Phil Garner, two of the game's most engaging characters, managing ... Vastly underrated Padres closer Trevor Hoffman here with his three boys ... "
  • Underrated? By whom? Trevor has always received an inordinate amount of praise from the baseball media mafia. You'd never even know Mariano Rivera existed if it were left up to people like Scott Miller, here showing his flawed and incorrect opinion.
And, as if we didn't know the object of Miller's obsession, on July 5 he notes:

"Likes: Cleveland handing George Steinbrenner a 19-1 birthday present."

  • So out of 30 teams, guess which one he singles out to hate and ridicule? Miller has said he wanted to vote on baseball awards his whole life. He's been very involved with the bureaucracy of the BBWAA, and he spent a good deal of time working in Minneapolis. Knowing all these facts about Miller, what chance would there ever be he'd vote for Mariano Rivera for 1st place for either the AL Cy Young or MVP? Answer: NONE, because of his biases.


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