Sunday, August 06, 2006

Boston Herald BBWAA voter writes book about David Ortiz--Boston Globe, 6/12/06

A real deal for Herald scribe
For someone so upset about all the ``fake fans" spawned by the Sox success, Herald baseball writer Tony Massarotti sure seems to be capitalizing on the club's popularity. After the Sox won the World Series, you'll recall, Massarotti cashed in with the quick-and-dirty ``A Tale of Two Cities: The 2004 Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry and the War for the Pennant." Now, he's got another book deal, this one with St. Martin's Press, helping Sox slugger David Ortiz write his memoir. Massarotti wrote recently that all new Sox fans are frauds who ``couldn't distinguish between a baseball and a coconut," but he apparently thinks they can read.


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