Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Gary Thorne, another ESPN elite, says he knows for a fact that no writer has ever voted for a local favorite (11/22/05)

Where's his evidence for this huge claim? Funny, but we already have plenty of evidence to the contrary--'we' meaning the people. Thorne's statements show you how secretive &
false the whole procedure is. Why are Thorne & other writers so covetous of this voting
privilege? If it's really only about facts concerning winners & not opinion or emotion, why should it matter so much to them? Answer: Because it's clearly about something ELSE. Here's a big lie:
  • "The writers cover the games all summer" says Thorne. Which writers? Cover which games? What does "cover" mean? How many applicable games did applicable voters see on video, to get the best views & description of what went on? They'd flunk on all these points.
Here's Big Lie #2
  • "There is no group more unbiased in voting for awards than the writers. They take that job seriously and believe, correctly so, that their integrity is essential to continuing the history of the game in terms of award winners honored yearly." Where is Thorne's evidence for this grandiose, pompous falsehood?
Big Lie #3
  • "The external dispute is a never-ending one. Fans think writers are inclined to vote for those players they cover the most. I know for a fact, that is not the case." Gary, where's your proof? There are plenty of ballots already exposed proving you dead wrong.
The only good thing he says
  • "The writers association is worried about losing the right to make these selections. They take pride in doing so and want to continue. The internal newspaper problem is the one that may take that vote away."This is the answer--the remaining newspapers involved must opt out.
Baseball print reporters are always trying to convert their special access to $$$. How many books have been written by these writers? Many. Thorne pathetically tries to say they should
keep the vote BECAUSE THERE'S NO ONE ELSE AVAILABLE TO DO IT!!! Really? How about
the ONLY ones qualified to do it--managers of teams & possibly some coaches, possibly some past managers.

Here's a big point in his favor--
  • "Someone has to decide." That really convinces me it should be you & your cronies, Gary.
These items are all taken from his article, "Writers Have Credibility," bangordailynews.com 11/22/05


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